Sony introduces a new PS3 dev kit

While we're still waiting for our PS3 price drop, Sony has announced the release of a newer, cut-rate PlayStation dev kit. While the current Reference Tool is priced at a mere $10,250 and has all the personality of a Betamax VCR, this new guy is going for a jaw-droppin' $2,000 and shares the PS3 form factor -- not that you're buying these things for aesthetic purposes, but it's true! The company promises "enhanced technical support for developers, an optimized PS3 compiler (SNC PPU) to improve efficiency, and better documentation for PhyreEngine." Looks like Sony's hoping sales will benefit from the "flood" of new releases this move is sure to instigate. Unless, of course, this was one of the demands of the Sony France hostage debacle. Libération de la PlayStation!

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